Dates With Kate – Episode #7

Hide the children because it is time for Episode #7 of the ‘Dates With Kate’ podcast! In the spirit of the holiday season, I invited my longtime friend, the crazy Ms. Kirsten, to join me in a very frank discussion about our mutual long and storied experiences with online dating. Won’t you join us for a (slightly salty) conversation?


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  2. Special K!

    Post script: golly, I was a little nervous. I am looking forward to returning with more comfort in public conversation.

    I have an addition to the phone tip: one should actually call as opposed to texting or email. It is always really nice to receive a call from someone we like. :-) Think of the two scenes towards the end of Notting Hill: the bookshop painting delivery, and restaurant with close friends. xxoo

    I love you, Katie! Sea ewe sewn!

  3. Rich Gates

    You did great Kirsten, your commentary was hilarious. I imagine next time things will go even better with you being relaxed.

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