Dates With Kate – Episode #13

It is time for the lucky 13th episode of the ‘Dates With Kate’ podcast! We will read the second blog entry on Artie, the guy my grandma wanted to castrate with a dull knife, discuss staying friends with an ex, try to determine when the time is right to introduce a newish date to ‘your people’ and take some comments and questions from listeners. You will feel lucky you took a listen!


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  1. Kay

    Great little podcast, Katie! As to the topic of when you and RS met, he and I (after the invitation he happily accepted) had a mini discussion about the topic in general. I think it is typically over analyzed whether or not, or when, a prospective date meets our people. I think if there is an opportunity for it to happen, why not?? And, the ‘no thank you’ answer is always at our disposal (one BN1 used last November. Remember?). I think making it a big production later has just as much potential of creating discomfort as early on. Remember waaaaay back when, when we would meet The Potential when we were already with our with our people and an immediate mesh would happen? That was cool! That happened to me this Friday night in question! Anyhoo, not all relationships (familial, friends, lovers, etc.) last forever, even if we wait to introduce each other. I think we need to do what we are comfortable with. And, baby, you are never a third wheel in my book. Ever. But I have heard you. xxoo

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