Dates With Kate – Episode #1

For Episode #1, we will sit down with Dan, my male equivalent in the online-dating world.

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  1. Brad Thomsen

    Hi Kate,

    Having trouble downloading into iTunes.
    I can SaveTargetAs to my hard drive, but then it will not transfer into iTunes.

    Can only listen to it from your website where it opens into Quicktime.

    Any ideas?…


    • Kate

      I will run this by my ‘tech guy’ because that is not my area of expertise. At all! I did submit the podcast to iTunes and, as soon as they get it up and running, you will be able to listen to it straight from there, easy as pie.

    • Kate

      I am live on iTunes now and there is link to it on my front page. That should make it easy!

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  3. Danny

    Hi Kate,

    Ask your tech guy toss up a small RSS feed or simply use a wordpress widget. That way we’d download the podcasts by subscribing to or something

    • Kate

      Taken care of and should be on the front page now…

  4. Brad Thomsen

    Thanks Kate, I’ll watch for it.

    Also, which episode were you on with Luke Burbank on TBTL. I heard you were going to be on 97.3 with him yesterday, but didn’t catch you on with him….

    By the way, liked the podcast.

    • Kate

      I was on the ‘I Like Your Profile’ episode on October 18th –

      I was on 97.3 on October 29th – very cool!

      Excellent on the podcast. I have a great guest lined up for Episode #2 and some other fun stuff coming up. Let me know if have any ideas or things you want to hear.

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  6. Geriatricus

    Enjoyable first podcast. As for the whole long-distance thing, I wasn’t looking for anyone, but could not ignore the woman who is now my partner. We’ve been doing the Utah-Manhattan thing for four and a half years now. We go back and forth, do destination trips together (U.K., China, Mexico), and hope to live together next year.

    Well done.

    • Kate

      That is a fantastic story – Manhattan to Utah. Where there is a will there is certainly a way, right? Right. And thanks for the podcast props!

  7. AJ

    I really ended up enjoying this podcast. I usually don’t bother with podcasts longer than 20 minutes (short attention span), but I was paying attention to every single second on this one. Please do more like this!

    • Kate

      Glad you liked it! I have another guest coming up along with some other fun things which I hope you will also enjoy.

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