The Whale Wins

This restaurant just opened this month and it is run by Renee Erickson, she of Walrus & Carpenter and Boat Street Cafe. I found myself on a Friday hitting Whale for a couple of cocktails and then heading to Boat Street for dinner. It was a Renee kind of evening.

I have been to Walrus & Carpenter and, while I love the food and drinks, that place is always fairly crazy. The space is tight, the wait is long and the energy is high. I am quite fond of The Whale Wins because it has all of the aspects of Walrus that I love yet without the loud and fast pace. The space is bigger, the ceilings are lofty – it just feels calmer. This may change once word gets out but, for now, I am going to take it.

Since we were headed to dinner, my friend and I just sat at the bar and had a couple of cocktails. He and I are both…particular about our libations and we were not disappointed in the slightest. Our bartender, Jermaine, might just be my new favorite in the city. He was friendly, knew his booze and even gave us some samples of some amazing rye whiskey. When I asked for a cocktail he didn’t have an ingredient for, I saw him make a note. I am going to bet that, next time I go in, he will be able to hook me up.

I want to go back to The Whale Wins and try the food. It is at the top of my list. The prices looked very reasonable and there were about 15 things that I wanted to order. Maybe 16.

Good date spot? Absolutely. There is a decent-sized bar and the actual restaurant space is a lot bigger than it looks to be from the street. I saw a lot of couples on dates on my first visit. Not too loud, not crazy-crowded, very relaxed atmosphere. There are less than ten spots at the bar so, if I was meeting a date, I would probably plan on having a bite to eat and snagging a table.


The Whale Wins

3506 Stone Way North
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-9425

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