Oliver’s Twist



I  have been to Oliver’s Twist probably twenty times and it is stellar every… single…time. They have a chalkboard that lists the favorite drinks of everyone that works there. In the name of research, I think I have tried every single one with the Red Hook, Scofflaw and Duff & Blathers being my very favorites. If you are lucky, Robert will be there – he is one of the best bartenders in Seattle, in my very humble (and experienced) opinion.

I had been to Oliver’s Twist at least 15 times before I tried the food and, again, home run. The menu isn’t huge but every thing I have tried has been excellent. Cheese-stuffed dates? Marshmallow brioche sandwich? Chocolate gelato with peanut butter caramel with sea salt? Yes, yes and yes.

The space is very dark, intimate and cozy and my favorite Greenwood haunt. Their coasters say “Want More” and, yes, yes I do.  If you come and visit Seattle I will try to take you there for at least one cocktail. Consider yourself warned.

Good date spot? Absolutely – very much so. I have been on a few there (including a first date with a guy that didn’t even drink!?!). There is a good-sized bar and also lots of restaurant seating. It can get crowded but never too awful. The ambiance is very romance-inducing which is never a bad thing.


Oliver’s Twist

6822 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98138
(206) 706-6673


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