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This just might be one of my  favorite spots in Seattle. Yep, I just might have  become a regular. That is my arm being twisted.

The first time that I stopped by was to have a drink while waiting for a friend during the Capitol Hill Block Party. I thought it would be a madhouse but I was able to sidle right up the bar and it was not long before I had a most refreshing Negroni in front of me. The bartender and hostess were fantastically nice and I just liked the vibe of the spot. The space is one big room with the kitchen and bar and all of it out in the open. Very inviting.

I was so impressed with my quick little visit that I came back a few days later for some vittles (and another Negroni or two). The service was again stellar – fast, efficient, friendly, accommodating to all of our quirky needs – and the food was outstanding. We got the beets, meat plate, pork belly and orzo mac n’ cheese. I need a moment alone when recollecting that pork belly. Oh…so…good. The veggies were all fresh, the food was served piping hot and the quality of everything was top-notch.

I  for sure, for sure keep coming back to Oddfellows (maybe tonight?). On one of my visits,  we got to the meet the owner, Linda, as she left and she was totally cool and down to earth. And did I mention the ‘Big Lebowski’ quote on the bottom of the bill? Too freaking cool. You know how to woo me, Oddfellows.

Good spot for a date? Very much so. Parking around the restaurant can be a bit tough so allow time for that. I have been in when it is pretty crowded but I have never had to wait long at all. The bar space is pretty small – only about five seats – so sitting at a table is probably a safer bet when meeting someone new. And if you are one of those people that likes to dance, the Century Ballroom is right upstairs. And if you like your date enough to want some more drinks at a second location? There are about a million other places in the neighborhood that you can wander off to.



1525 10th Ave.

Seattle, WA



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