Mistral Kitchen

This restaurant is not easy to find but, man, oh, man, am I glad I located it. A lovely girl in my book club who has excellent taste in food and cocktails told me I had to try Mistral. Allegedly some of the best bartenders in the city could be found there. Sold and sold.

The cocktail menu is fantastic but I simply had to try the ‘roll the dice’ option. I was handed a leather pouch with four die that I then tossed onto the bar. Based on my selection – tart, fruit, rum and…I can’t remember the fourth, my drink was hand-crafted. It was delicious and inventive.

We were then moved to a table where we got to eat like kings and queens while still enjoying other libations. The bartenders were still incredibly attentive even though they were swamped and everything they brought tasted like something new and exciting.

And, oh, yes, the food. Amazing. Not too pricey, fresh and excellent portions so we could sample lots of options. That is my arm being twisted. I hated to suffer but I did, over and over. It was all stellar. And our waitress? Friendly as all hell and didn’t bat at an eye over anything we threw at her.

Cocktails – check. Food – check, check. Service – check, check, check. And, last, but not least, was the space. Modern yet still ‘warm’ and I loved sitting at both the bar and in the restaurant.

When will I back? As soon as possible, baby. Mistral just might be my new favorite place…

Good date spot? Yes, yes, yes. It is not the easiest place to find – the front door and signage are very subtle – but taking a few extra minutes to find this treasure will make you and your date very happy indeed.


Mistral Kitchen

2020 Westlake Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 623-1922


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