After two awful trips in a week, Maximilien is officially crossed off my list. Yes, they have a patio and, yes, the happy hour bites are only $2.95. If that is enough to make you happy then you will be just fine here. I, however, am partial to…food that is hot and supposed tarts that are that and not just cold (yet still scorched!) white bread with coagulated cheese and rotten lettuce. We sent the ‘tarts’ back only to get the same ones sent right back but this time only black and burnt. Yeah, I guess that means they are ‘hotter’. Nice try, jerks. My date got a house whiskey and diet and I got a Jack Daniels and whiskey. Instead of just remembering which one was which in the 20 seconds it took to walk to our table, our waiter sniffed each of our drinks a few times before tentatively putting them in front of us.

When we had finally had enough, we  asked to talk to the manager and he had no time to do anything but comp our bill without even asking us what the problem was. This tells me that customer unhappiness is a common occurence.  A nice gesture but some indication that he wants it to be better for us so we come back might have been nice. On both of my visits (in only a week!) my date and I had to go somewhere else to get some actually decent food. Major suck. There are too many great happy hours in Seattle to waste your time and money at this spot. Trust me.

Good date spot? Hell no. I wouldn’t even take my worst enemy here much less someone I wanted to impress.



81 Pike Street, Suite A
Seattle, WA 9810
(206) 682-7270



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