Thank you, Hunger, for making me a believer in second chances! My friend and I came in one night and had horrible service from a bartender and, the next day, both Yelped about it, saying we would never, ever go back.

That very day, the owner emailed us both apologizing profusely and offering a chance for us both to come back and enjoy a Chef’s Table experience. Neither of us wanted to base our opinions on one bad experience so we agreed to come back for another go and I am so , so glad that we did.

From the minute we walked in the door to the second that we left we experienced the most excellent service, food and drinks. The dishes we were served were amazing. We got personal attention from the owner, the chef and the manager. The thing that really impressed me is not that I felt they were all trying to get us to write a better review but that they really were bummed that we had such a bad experience in their ‘restaurant’ home on our first visit.

I originally said that I would never step foot into Hunger again but now it will be hard to keep me out of there. To have a whole crew go to such lengths to make me and my friend welcome and our business appreciated, well, that is pretty damn cool.

And, it should be noted, I do intend to return to Hunger in the very near future, incognito, to see how things roll when I am not in the spotlight and will, of course, update it here.

Good date spot?┬áVery much so. The space is big and there is an ample bar and restaurant space and it is all very dimly (i.e. romantically) lit. You and your date won’t have trouble finding the seating location of your choice. Hopefully you won’t run into our lone rogue dickish bartender but, if nothing else, he will leave you alone if you do. But, see above. Good drinks, great food and a overwhelmingly crazy-nice staff.



3601 Fremont Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 402-4854

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2 Responses to Hunger

  1. rubie

    Getting the CVIP treatment isn’t a real test of any restaurant. Of course, when all attention is focused on making-up for a poor experience, what else would you expect?
    Very sad commentary on an establishment.

  2. Kate

    You are totally right. I almost didn’t post this but I did more to point out that a restaurant can make it right with an unhappy patron. I will be back, incognito, very soon to see how things go when I am not in the spotlight.

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