Hooverville Bar

I went into Hooverville with diminished expectations because a) it is in the not-so-nice SODO area and it is b) the nearest bar by far to Showbox SODO. A place with such proximity to a music venue can sometimes just coast along being mediocre and not really try to hard.
This is not the case with Hooverville.

I was a little hesitant when I saw the hot dog cart parked outside with a sign that told me I could take my street meat inside. I had read that Hooverville had food (I think it was pizza) so that made me a little hesitant (and I like street meat). I walked in and was immediately charmed. The interior has warm, red walls, lofty ceilings and cool, light wood paneling with a huge, welcoming bar.

My friend had yet to arrive so I used the bathroom first and…I fell in love. Amazingly clean for a bar and, covering the whole inside of the stall door, was a quote from Norm on ‘Cheers’. Sold and sold.

This place gets *packed* before a concert and I will say that and sometimes spotty or a tad unfriendly service would be my only knock on Hooverville. I will say, though, that the bartender did take time out even though folks were lined up 3 deep behind me to carefully craft my cocktail. Good for me, really good, but  not so good for the people behind me.

Oh, and yes, there are the nuts. If access to free peanuts and then almost being encouraged to throw the shells on the floor is your idea of heaven then you have found your nirvana, baby.


Good date spot? Sure. This is not the poshest of places so, if casual is what you are aiming for, Hooverville would be a perfect choice. It is very laid-back as long as you don’t get there near show time at the nearby Showbox.



1721 1st Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 264-2428


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