Hazlewood was totally not what I expected. At all. I was thinking pretentious, tiny, out-of-my-element space where I wouldn’t belong but it wasn’t really that way at all. My friend and I started to go upstairs but it was empty except for only one couple and, well, I didn’t want to harsh their alone time. 

So, we hopped downstairs and did my favorite thing which was to sit at the bar. I had a Manhattan and my friend had a Rob Roy. Ok – not exactly adventurous but they were oh-so-good. The cocktail list at this place is fantastic. Fantastic. I could go every day and find something delicious (maybe I will?). I noticed a menu item that consisted of a shot, a cigarette and a homemade truffle. The first two didn’t interest me (right then) but the chocolate sounded excellent. The bartender, a very cool, friendly chick, heard me lamenting and she offered us a truffle, on the house, because she made them. Score! That is the kind of thing that happens a) when you sit at the bar and b) when you come to such a cool place as Hazlewood. The other patrons totally chatted with us and I got the new liquor initiative explained to me by one of the guys working there. This I like. And, if Hazlewood has any kind of food, I have not seen it so make sure to make it a pre or post snack stop if you are in need of anything other than liquid nourishment.

I will be back, next time for longer and a second cocktail. And a truffle. And a shot…My arm is twisted.

Good date spot? Yes and no. I don’t think I would suggest meeting at Hazlewood for a first date. Since first writing this review, I have been back a couple of times and it gets *crazy* busy. Crazy. Trying to find a new person in that crowd would be an all-but-impossible endeavor. I would come with a date after dinner or on a Ballard bar crawl, though. The space is warm and tiny and intimate. Check, check and check.



2311 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 783-0478


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