cicchettiI think I just found my nomination for most beautiful staff at a restaurant in Seattle. Not that looks matter, of course, at a food establishment, but it didn’t hurt this girl’s dining experience.

I have been to Serafina a couple of times but never noticed this little gem tucked into the back. I have driven by a number of times and never even seen it. I LOVE the space even though, as mentioned elsewhere here, it is not for the hard of hearing. The space is open and communal but I loved it. The bartender’s and cooks are clearly visible but I didn’t feel like I was in the kitchen, either. The space is warm and friendly and casual yet hip.

We got there nice and early so we could access the excellent happy hour menu. It goes until 7 so we had plenty of time. There were four of their cocktails on special and my waiter was happy to help me figure out which one to sample. It was excellent and refreshing for a hot summer day. I then moved onto a Red Hook (their drink,not the beer) and another drink with a walnut taste was also sampled. That it was my third may be why I cannot recall the name.

The food was very, very good but not super-fabulous. But, don’t get me wrong, it was still way above par. Way. The pizza of the day was a steal for the hh $5 and the french fries with feta dip were so good and addictive that we were forced to get two orders. We had no choice. The pork belly was *excellent* and one of my favorite preparations in the city. The two dishes that didn’t really do it for me were the figs and watermelon salad. Just not…exciting. Maybe I was just too busy stuffing fries in my pie hole.

I love this place and will be back as there is 7/8 of the cocktail menu I have yet to try. An expertly-prepared libation among lots of charming, attractive wait staff and clientele? Again, if someone has to…

Good date spot? Probably? My only hesitations are that Cicchetti can get loud and it isn’t the easiest spot in the world to find. I would maybe save it for a second date (or anything after the first) so you don’t have those additional pressures thrown on top of meeting someone for the first time. Otherwise, there is usually spots at the bar and at a table – there is a second floor – unless it is a crowded weekend night.



121 E. Boston St.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 859-4155

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