canon- whiskey and bitters emporium

The first time I went to Canon it was opening week so it was crazy crowded. I at first couldn’t even get in but the guy at the door, who turned out to be Jamie Bourdeau, was feeling generous and let me squeeze in. Cool point #1.  I had liked Licorous so much that I was nervous the new tenant wouldn’t be up to par but I had no need to worry my pretty little head.

And, oh, how glad I was that he let me in. I managed to squeeze into the bar – did I mention how many people were in there? – next to my friend and, even though the place was nuts with bodies, the beautiful bar and wall of bottles were enough to distract me.

I have been to a bar recently that, even though there were only 5 people in the place, managed to completely ignore me and make me feel like a bother. Don’t go to Paratii in Ballard. But that is another review. So it says all kinds of crazy good things to me that, even at absolute capacity, my bartender introduced himself, made me an outstanding cocktail in a beautiful glass, kept my water filled and made me feel special to get to sit at his bar. I have sat at one or two in my time and that quality is unique.

I have made subsequent trips to Canon and they have all been stellar. It is hard to argue that this place isn’t the best bar in the city. Their bottle selection is crazy and I get great service and (at least one) great drink every…single…time.

Good date spot? For meeting someone for the first time I am going to say no. This place is consistently packed and seating isn’t always easy to come by. The thought of walking in there, trying to look cool and trying to pick my date out of the crowd all at once makes me sweaty nervous. I would save it for at least a second date, perhaps after dinner, when you and your date can stroll in together.



928 12th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 552-9755

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