Cafe Presse

Get the Croque Madam and get a carafe of wine. And the frites with mayo. Do it? You still only spent about $20 but you got to hang out at one of the coolest spots in Seattle and eat some of the best food you can get. I am drooling just thinking about it. Me and my friend sat in the back room (I didn’t even see it from the street) and it was super cozy with excellent warm service. I had a hard time leaving. I am ok, though, because I will be back to try some more of their delicious food.

The crowd was crazy eclectic – families, beautiful young couples, single girls with mohawks. I loved it. Our waiter was in a band, provided excellent service and was totally friendly. He spent easily ten minutes going over all of the tattoos on his arms with us.

That Cafe Presse is on the same block as Lark and Canon and, further down, Ba Bar, well, just doesn’t surprise me. Excellence knows excellence.

Good date spot? Yes, yes, yes. Do be aware, as I was not, that there is quite a big space in the back that is not so easy to see from the front. It would be awful if your date was waiting back there and you did not know they were there. There is a sizable bar if that is your desired seating option, as well. When I have been there it has not been crazy crowded but rumor on the street is that the place can get kind of busy so be prepared.


Cafe Presse

1117 12th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 709-7674


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