Agrodolce1Agrodolce2Maria Hines just never lets me down. My friend and I were finally able to make it to Agrodolce to check it out and we were oh so glad that we did.

Our cocktails for the evening (all of them!) were delicious. Among them, my Pink Elephant was sparkly deliciousness and my friend’s Salty Sicilian had him feeling like James Bond.

For our first visit, we just stuck with starter plates. They were so good that I will be back in a flash to try the rest of the menu. We sampled the pork loin, the fried padron peppers and the antipasti misto. The whipped lardo with the peppers is one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. The antipasti plate was a delight with a tapenade, cheese, olives, fried chickpea cakes with a delicious sauce, beans and salami. I would be more than happy to go there and have that plate and a drink for dinner (and I probably will quite often). It was delicious.

I love the atmosphere of this restaurant – very relaxed. It is very warmly-lit and welcoming with a lighted tree in the middle and big windows. Both the patio and the bar are on the smaller side but we did not have any problem finding a seat. The service was excellent as was the experience all around. Agrodolce will definitely be added to my favorite restaurant rotation.

Good date spot? Absolutely. The lighting and interior are very romantic and warm. I would hesitate to meet here for a first date only because the bar is pretty small. Because I only like to have a drink on the first date, I would be worried it would be full and we would have to (gasp!) sit at a table and make a meal out of it. For a second date and beyond? An excellent choice. You could not go wrong here.



709 N 35th St
Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 547-9707


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