In going out on dates with over 100 guys, I have met some socially-questionable and awkward people. Trent was the first guy that I encountered that I really thought was insane. I am still not convinced that he didn’t escape from a local mental hospital just so he could Read more


I like to think of myself as a girl that is not completely and totally obsessed with appearance – a bad haircut is not going to repel me – but sometimes looks do matter and, in the case of Adam, I was not just simply unattracted to him but Read more

Wild John - The Retirement

Certain mind-control techniques and a massive amount of charm need to attributed to Wild John because I hopped right back on his motorcycle, almost perished once again on the return trip over the West Seattle Bridge and even agreed to keep seeing him. Looking back I can almost be Read more

Wild John Part II

  When Wild John offered me the chance to ride in the ‘Batmobile’ I knew it was probably a dangerous idea but I was also thrilled to take a ride with a superhero. When would I get that chance again? What followed was the most exciting car experience of my Read more

Wild John Part I

One of the hardest things to manage while being an online dater is remembering which details belong to which guy. It was rare that I actively dated more than three guys at once but, even then, trying to remember who had a masters degree and who had never been Read more


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Thomas gets the lone distinction of being the only person that has made me afraid that he knows where I live. After meeting 70+ men, I have come up with some general guidelines about the dating process. Because I like being alive and there are some weird people out there, I never, ever, ever invite someone over to my condo on a first date. That would be just plain stupid. But, starting out, I didn’t see any harm in inviting someone over on a second or third date. Oh, how naive I was. There are so many hidden meanings to having someone over that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I was unaware, for instance, that inviting a man to your house or agreeing to go to his place is the same as saying, “Yes, I will have sex with you.” Granted, I don’t think that and I know there are men that wouldn’t cop to thinking that but you kind of know the thought is there. It is the elephant in the bedroom, if you will. Read more


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My dad told me once that the thought of my going into a bar or restaurant and meeting someone for the first time made him feel sick to his stomach. Ryan would be a good reason for anyone to be ill.  Because of it’s proximity to his workplace (likely excuse!), Ryan suggested we meet at The Cheesecake Factory at Bellevue Square. For those of you not familiar with the Seattle vs. Eastside debate, let me just say that there is a bit of a consensus that the Eastside has a bit of a lack of soul and a taint of fakery to it. I grew up there so I can’t really say too much but it is kind of true. Bellevue Square, and The Cheesecake Factory, no less, might not be described as the most original of choices. I didn’t want to be snobby bitch girl, though, so I agreed. I should have run for the hills. Read more


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This guy had huge teeth. Very nice, decent guy but he had some serious Mr. Ed action going on. I met him in the bar at  Canyon’s Restaurant where alcoholic drinks were imbibed. This was the start of my  guideline that alcohol is a great social lubricant and should be consumed on a first meeting if at all possible. I have had to add an addendum, though, that there is a two-drink maximum because, any  more than that, and anyone becomes more attractive. I need to have a little bit of good judgement left standing. Read more


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Officially this was Bachelor #1. I was not at all feeling comfortable being back in the dating world after being in a relationship for almost six years with a cool guy I was still friends with. As I drove to meet Mr. Robert I felt like I was cheating on the ex even though we had been broken up for almost 3 months. It might say something that I called the ex on the way to the rendezvous spot to let him know who and where I was meeting this strange man just in case I was chopped up into little pieces. There is a reason we called it “Best Breakup Ever”. Even still, I was nervous as hell walking into that Starbucks. Read more

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