In going out on dates with over 100 guys, I have met some socially-questionable and awkward people. Trent was the first guy that I encountered that I really thought was insane. I am still not convinced that he didn’t escape from a local mental hospital just so he could Read more


I like to think of myself as a girl that is not completely and totally obsessed with appearance – a bad haircut is not going to repel me – but sometimes looks do matter and, in the case of Adam, I was not just simply unattracted to him but Read more

Wild John - The Retirement

Certain mind-control techniques and a massive amount of charm need to attributed to Wild John because I hopped right back on his motorcycle, almost perished once again on the return trip over the West Seattle Bridge and even agreed to keep seeing him. Looking back I can almost be Read more

Wild John Part II

  When Wild John offered me the chance to ride in the ‘Batmobile’ I knew it was probably a dangerous idea but I was also thrilled to take a ride with a superhero. When would I get that chance again? What followed was the most exciting car experience of my Read more

Wild John Part I

One of the hardest things to manage while being an online dater is remembering which details belong to which guy. It was rare that I actively dated more than three guys at once but, even then, trying to remember who had a masters degree and who had never been Read more


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Oddfellows2 (1)


This just might be one of my  favorite spots in Seattle. Yep, I just might have  become a regular. That is my arm being twisted.

The first time that I stopped by was to have a drink while waiting for a friend during the Capitol Hill Block Party. I thought it would be a madhouse but I was able to sidle right up the bar and it was not long before I had a most refreshing Negroni in front of me. The bartender and hostess were fantastically nice and I just liked the vibe of the spot. The space is one big room with the kitchen and bar and all of it out in the open. Very inviting. Read more

Oliver’s Twist

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I  have been to Oliver’s Twist probably twenty times and it is stellar every… single…time. They have a chalkboard that lists the favorite drinks of everyone that works there. In the name of research, I think I have tried every single one with the Red Hook, Scofflaw and Duff & Blathers being my very favorites. If you are lucky, Robert will be there – he is one of the best bartenders in Seattle, in my very humble (and experienced) opinion.

Read more


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Agrodolce1Agrodolce2Maria Hines just never lets me down. My friend and I were finally able to make it to Agrodolce to check it out and we were oh so glad that we did.

Our cocktails for the evening (all of them!) were delicious. Among them, my Pink Elephant was sparkly deliciousness and my friend’s Salty Sicilian had him feeling like James Bond. Read more


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cicchettiI think I just found my nomination for most beautiful staff at a restaurant in Seattle. Not that looks matter, of course, at a food establishment, but it didn’t hurt this girl’s dining experience. Read more


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Thank you, Hunger, for making me a believer in second chances! My friend and I came in one night and had horrible service from a bartender and, the next day, both Yelped about it, saying we would never, ever go back. Read more