In going out on dates with over 100 guys, I have met some socially-questionable and awkward people. Trent was the first guy that I encountered that I really thought was insane. I am still not convinced that he didn’t escape from a local mental hospital just so he could Read more


I like to think of myself as a girl that is not completely and totally obsessed with appearance – a bad haircut is not going to repel me – but sometimes looks do matter and, in the case of Adam, I was not just simply unattracted to him but Read more

Wild John - The Retirement

Certain mind-control techniques and a massive amount of charm need to attributed to Wild John because I hopped right back on his motorcycle, almost perished once again on the return trip over the West Seattle Bridge and even agreed to keep seeing him. Looking back I can almost be Read more

Wild John Part II

  When Wild John offered me the chance to ride in the ‘Batmobile’ I knew it was probably a dangerous idea but I was also thrilled to take a ride with a superhero. When would I get that chance again? What followed was the most exciting car experience of my Read more

Wild John Part I

One of the hardest things to manage while being an online dater is remembering which details belong to which guy. It was rare that I actively dated more than three guys at once but, even then, trying to remember who had a masters degree and who had never been Read more

Takedown Podcast Part IV!

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My fun on the Takedown Podcast with Mike Frizzell and Matt Baca continues and this time we each recount that fateful day we lost our virginity. What couldn’t be hilarious about that? Mom and Dad – feel free to skip this episode! Read more

The Andrew Walsh Show!

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Andrew Walsh


One of my favorite guys, Mr. Andrew Walsh of The Andrew Walsh Show , had me on his program to discuss OKCupid’s new premium search features (you can read an article about it here) that lets users filter out body types that they don’t desire.  Oh, and you only want to see super attractive people in your searches, too? They have that covered, as well. We also got into some of the other not-so-awesome parts of online dating. Come take a listen by clicking here!

Takedown Podcast Part III!

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I was lucky enough to get to be a three-time guest on the Takedown Podcast with the hilarious Mike Frizzell and Matt Baca to help them discuss their most confounding ‘lady issues’ (and I even managed to learn a thing or two ( a DivaCup ???)! If these guys don’t make you laugh I am not sure anyone can. Click here to take a listen!

Takedown Podcast, Part II!

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For my second visit to the ‘Takedown Podcast’, along with my co-host Katie, we didn’t discuss online dating but we did discuss looooooove, or more accurately, lust. We sat down to talk the early MTV videos that got us very excited as young kids and, of course,  much fun was had! We hope you dig it. Read more

My Author Interview With Singles Warehouse in the UK!

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My friends at Singles Warehouse across the pond decided to ask me a few questions about my book. Click here to read their article and I hope you fancy it!