Top 10 Online Dating Tips

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In the spirit of Mr. Letterman, here are my top ten online dating tips. All of the examples I give really, really did happen to me. These tips apply to both men and women so follow these suggestions and save yourself the similar pain.


1 – Be ready. You should be divorced or over your last relationship and be a viable dating candidate. If you are sleeping in the same bed as your soon-to-be ex-wife, you should not be out dating.

2 – Put up accurate pictures of yourself. Your date should be able to recognize you when you walk in the door. If your pictures were taken 50 pounds ago, 5 years prior or 3 haircuts past, they should not be on your profile.

3 – Don’t be in a dating race. It is ok to have an ultimate goal of marriage or kids but don’t be starting the stopwatch before you even meet your date. Don’t email someone less than a week after you have first met and express your concern about the amount of time you are spending together and what it means for your future.

4 – Don’t engage in ‘vending machine dating’. Give the date you are on a chance and don’t think of the 20 new emails you have in your inbox. If you are dating more than 2 people at a time, it is quite possible that you will get confused and ask a date what he did for his mom on Mother’s Day when she is actually deceased.

5 – Be careful. Remember this is the internet and it isn’t always safe. I have been put in a headlock, stalked through a grocery store and shown inappropriate and unsolicited nakedness. Don’t friend someone on Facebook or give them your address until you are really sure you won’t end up in a crawlspace.

6 – Don’t be a jerk. Arrive on time, don’t text or email while on your date and don’t brag about your dating and sexual conquests. Don’t stand with your back to a date, when you know she is sitting and waiting for you, and drink a full cocktail because you need ‘liquid courage’.

7 – Have a preplanned exit that you mention to your date, i.e. plans later with your group of friends. That way if you are having a horrible time you can get OUT of there easily. I have never had to text a friend and ask her to call and be my ‘family having an emergency’. Preplan and save yourself the grief.

8 – Don’t go somewhere too crowded. You want to be able to find your date, be able to hear each other, have somewhere to sit and be able to get drinks at a reasonable pace. Going to a crowded bar and having to stand and wait 30 minutes for a cocktail is all of kinds of awful with someone you don’t know.

9 – Keep it simple on the first date. Agree to a drink or coffee so, if it is a sh*t show, you can leave as soon as you are done with that one beverage. If you like each other, you can always have another drink, dinner, etc.

10 – Remember to HAVE FUN! You aren’t solving world peace. You are going to meet someone that is quite possibly cute and charming and someone you like so just relax and let it happen. And, worst-case scenario, you can write a fun blog about all of your dating adventures. Worse things have happened.

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11 Responses to Top 10 Online Dating Tips

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  2. Judith Ann Dailey

    Great top 10 list! I especially liked 1 & 2. So many friends of mine date to find someone on the rebound or isnt accurate with their profile pics on online dating sites. Ive seen a lot of my friends get rejected because they looked different from the pictures they posted.

  3. Alexandria

    I’ve have never tried online dating but I have always thought about it. Maybe now I till take your online tips and give it a try.

  4. Sammy @

    Well, you said it all about the online dating tips. But above all, people should know the safety measures to consider when consider online dating.

  5. GTL

    I’ve never really considered online dating – I don’t see anything wrong with people who do it; to me it’s just too easy to come off as someone or something that you are not when you aren’t face to face. These are some great tips for “being real” and being smart and careful for when you do get face to face.
    Your article has me kind of thinking about looking into the online scene.

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  7. Darin

    One thing I have noticed about online dating is that the way someone looks in a photo may be totally different than the way they look in person. Some people are not photo genic. It would be better to meet them through friends while doing the same activities for a good first impression. On the flip side, online dating saves you time to search while you are busy with school or career.

  8. Sia Kissla

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing Great Tips related to dating services, your articles has included some great point that will help process to meet someone.

  9. Devious Daters

    Although everyone is extra cautious when it comes to online dating, and rightly so many of the dangers and these tips apply to the simple just met someone down the pub type date.

  10. Keogh

    Hey there, just become mindful of your own blog site by means of The search engines, and located that it’s seriously useful. I’m just likely to be careful pertaining to belgium’s capital. I’m going to take pleasure in if you continue on this particular in future. A number of other people is usually took advantage of a person’s producing. Kind regards!

  11. Tinger woods

    hello , i agree these tips are good and worth it :D

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